Wiron Cube: Wire EDM Puzzle Pieces

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Experience endless satisfaction with an advanced wire EDM gear puzzle. The Wiron Cube™ creates a mesmerizing seamless effect when assembled.


Wiron Cube – The Oddly Satisfying EDM Puzzle Pieces

The superior quality of the Wiron Cube™ is all down to the use of EDM wire cut. This process results in a much higher degree of accuracy and precision than can be achieved with traditional machining methods. The edges and corners are perfectly smooth, and there are no burrs or blemishes on the surface. The preciseness of the metal parts is so great that you can barely see the seams between the pieces. It’s a true piece of art and engineering!



Wiron Cube™ gives you access and ownership to a highly unusual form of engineering technology, which is often reserved for high-budget engineering projects.


Package Includes:

1x Wiron Cube: Wire EDM Gear Puzzle Pieces

1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

1x Gift Box

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 3.2 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm

3.8cm (1.5inch)


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