Natural Trilobite Fossil Stone




Name: Trilobite (Crownworm) Tail Fossil

Years: Surviving Silurian

Size: 2.5-4cm


Coronocephalus is a genus of the trilobite mirror-eye diadem. There is a row of small nodules on the edge of the head that resembles a crown, hence the name crown worm. The head is nearly triangular, and the anterior groove of the saddle is unclear. The front of the head saddle is spherical, the rear is narrow, and the sides are parallel. There are 3 pairs of interconnected, wide and deep head saddle furrows and 3 nodules. The upper line is of the front cheek type. The cheek has a long triangular shape with a pair of long cheek spines at the rear. The surface of the shell has rough tumors, and there are regular dentate warts on the active cheeks, usually nine. This is a trilobite tail fossil.


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