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Moondrop™ is inspired by Space missions and it is created to imitate the Lunar and Mars gravity. It is precisely calculated so vertically falling slider moves at similar speed like you were dropping any object on the Moon


Fidget toy :  Crafted from Aerospace grade materials it is satisfying fidgeting toy you can flip, slide, spin and fidget around any way you like.

Science learning tool : Moondrop™ is a pretty cool way to show amazing physics laws and learn about science facts in our universe. It is much more interesting to actually see and feel the process than just hear a theory and numbers.

Use it anywhere : Each Moondrop™ is pocket sized and perfectly fits in a palm so you can take it anywhere you go.


We would love to tell you that we have discovered the ”anti-gravity formula” but actually it is simple physics.

The anti-gravity movements of Moondrop™ are caused by Lenz’s law which is well known in physics world. Moondrop™ is CNC machined from pure copper or aluminum slider, aluminum body and strong neodymium magnets inside the thin aluminum tube. Copper and aluminum is a non magnetic materials however they are great conductors of electricity while each magnet is surrounded by it’s own magnetic field. When the magnet moves through conductor such as sliding copper ring it’s magnetic field induces an electric current in the copper. According to Lenz’s law that current creates an opposite magnetic field that adds certain resistance to moving magnet. This makes the falling slider move slower and look like it would defy the gravity.


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