MAG.U – Magnetic Levitation Capsule


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This MAG.U toy uses a magnetic levitation structure and a connecting rod to suspend the position of the line. It can be played immediately without charging. Has a variety of ways to play.


The capsule is composed of upper and lower metal main bodies, which are connected by a metal rod. The surface of the connecting part is inlaid with repulsive magnets to generate repulsive force to achieve the effect of levitating. The middle part of the fidget toy can be passed through a braided rope or iron chain. You can use it as a necklace or pendant according to your preference.



Rotating: Pull open the capsule, rotate the metal body of the upper or lower part, and the capsule can be rotated. When spinning, the fidget spinner vibrates like a motor.

Twisting: Twist the upper or lower metal body, and use the magnets in the connecting part to generate repulsive force, and the feedback force will be larger.

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Stainless Steel


46 x 23 mm


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    All OK. Satisfied.

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    Excellent and great shipping to the UK. Highly recommend.

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