Feel Flux Magnetic Ball Drop


Feel Flux changes the way the included magnet responds to its environment, causing it to slow down as it falls.


Drop the super strong rare earth magnet and—like you’d expect—it falls to the ground nearly instantly. But when you drop it through the Feel Flux cylinders, time seems to almost stop. The cylinders dramatically slow the descent of the neodymium sphere, giving the illusion of defying gravity.

This mesmerizing effect enables you to control the sphere and perform tricks like juggling the magnet and making it continuously drop without ever hitting the ground. Once you’ve mastered its skills, you’ll feel like a superhero each time you pick up the Feel Flux!



  • Set includes two machined cylinders and one powerful magnetic sphere
  • Cylinder materials: machined aluminum and leather
  • Magnetic sphere material: neodymium alloy
  • Includes drawstring cloth carrying bag

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